A Free Handed Manicure Monday

I love the way crisp straight lines look in manicures, but the time it takes to allow the polish to dry and to add tape to create this geometric work of art is just too much for me to handle.

This week I challenged myself to a tape mani (when you block of portions of your nails using tape to create perfect, straight lines) without the tape. I guess you could call this a disaster waiting to happen.

To complete straight lines using polish, reply heavily on the brush. Don’t try to pick it up and dab – work with the weight of the brush to paint smooth lines.

My biggest piece of advice for you if you’re trying a free handed manicure – have patience. Lots of patience.

I am pretty proud with how mine turned out!

Geometric Manicure

Happy painting and as always, if you have a great manicure make sure to share it with me by tagging @ellepottsie on Twitter or Instagram!

Pastel Manicure, Round Two.

Pastel Nail Art

If you follow fashion trends, you know that pastels shades are making their comeback for Spring 2014. Personally, I love the look of lighter, softer tones on pale skin. Since it is a little early to embrace these hues for clothing, I have become addicted to choosing these colours for my manicure. Today's nail art was created using a base coat of white, follow by sponging light yellow, green, pink, and lavender one at a time to create a sort psychedelic manicure. To achieve the best results, use … [Continue]

Manicure Monday: Gradient Pastel

Gradient Pastel Manicure

While pastels aren't the most winter appropriate colour choice, I couldn't help but choose something light and airy for my manicure this week.  To create this look, I painted a light coloured base and allowed it to dry completely. Next I used a make up sponge (painted a thick layer on one side) to dab the teal on the top half of my nail. Repeat the dabbing process three times, starting closer to the top of the nail each time. You will need to reapply polish to the sponge for every nail to … [Continue]

Guilt, Gluten and Dairy Free Brownies!

guilt, gluten and dairy free brownies

I, along with almost everyone else in the world, always vow to eat healthier as my New Year's resolution. Now that we are 8 days into 2014, I am ready for a little treat... so with my goal in mind, I set out to make a completely guilt free chocolate brownies that would satisfy my cravings! It took a couple tries to perfect the recipe but I think I finally got one that is moist and delicious. Ingredients 1/2 frozen mashed banana 1 cup cashew butter (I made my own by blending cashews for … [Continue]

A Day With Ford

highway driving

At the end of last year, I was given the opportunity to test drive a 2013 Ford Fiesta! While I initially hesitated to accept this offer as I know little about cars, I am so happy I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave it a try.  Having a bright blue new whip for a week was an absolute blast - and I am going to show you how I spend one of my [weekend] days with the feisty Fiesta! 8:30 AM Early morning coffee run at a cute little spot on Main St. If you're looking for almond milk lattes and … [Continue]