Manicure Monday: Gradient Pastel

While pastels aren’t the most winter appropriate colour choice, I couldn’t help but choose something light and airy for my manicure this week. Gradient Pastel Manicure

To create this look, I painted a light coloured base and allowed it to dry completely. Next I used a make up sponge (painted a thick layer on one side) to dab the teal on the top half of my nail. Repeat the dabbing process three times, starting closer to the top of the nail each time. You will need to reapply polish to the sponge for every nail to ensure enough colour is deposited. Blend the colours together by finishing with a top coat.

Looking forward to seeing your nail art/polish pictures! Share them with me by tagging @ellepottsie in your Instagram or Twitter pics!

Happy nail painting!


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  1. This is so cute!

  2. Cute!!!! I just got my nails done…they’re already chipping lol

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